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About GN Endocrinology

As an endocrinologist, Dr. Amer Kassar, Chief Medical Officer at GN Endocrinology, has dedicated his medical practice to helping patients experience relief from serious health conditions. Having a vision to be the leading endocrinology team in the region, Dr. Kassar has assembled a team of competent and highly trained professionals with the goal being to empower his patients to live healthier lives. The GN Endocrinology team helps numerous patients start their journey to a healthier life by providing them with solutions and treatment options that allow them to increase their quality of life.
The name GN Endocrinology is derived from the first names of Dr. Amer’s parents – Ghada (Mom) and Naim (Dad).

About Amer Kassar, M.D.

dr-amir-kassa-mdAmer Kassar was born in Damascus, Syria in August 1977. Amer grew up in Damascus and decided to become a physician when his father was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer; another deciding factor was that his older brother, Mohamed, was already attending medical school. Being fascinated by hormone interactions and their complexity with diseases, he chose endocrinology as his specialty.  After graduating from the University of Damascus School of Medicine in April 2001, Dr. Kassar went on to complete his postgraduate education at the Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, MI. In June 2009 he completed his Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans, LA.  He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, with a subspecialty certificate in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. He is one of three brothers to become a physician, migrate to the United States and establish a private medical practice in Northwest Indiana; his two brothers are Mohamed and Samer Kassar, his twin. He is affiliated with Community Hospital (Munster, IN), St. Catherine Hospital (East Chicago, IN) and St. Mary Medical Center (Hobart, IN). He currently resides in the Chicago area with his wife, Lumai, and their 3 children – Majed, Miar and Alyana.  He is bilingual, speaking Arabic and English. He loves playing soccer and traveling.

About Robin Anderson, N.P.

Robin Fox first became interested in the medical profession in her early 20’s when she witnessed her sister’s daughter drown and almost die; thankfully a team of medical professionals was able to bring her back to life. She distinctly remembered that feeling of helplessness and never wanting to feel that way again, decided to enter nursing school. She graduated from Purdue Calumet in 2003. After graduating with honors from nursing school, she spent 13 years working at St. Mary Medical Center in the ortho Medsurg and interventional radiology units. She then went on to further her Nursing education as a Nurse Practitioner and graduated in 2012; she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in home health care, occupational medicine, internal medicine and weight loss. She also studied holistic and nutritional medicine at Clayton College. In these roles she developed a particular interest in treating upstream and integrating holistic medicine and nutritional supplementation into treatment protocols. She is a strong believer in healing the body through proper eating habits, and nutritional supplementation. Robin is a native of Northwest Indiana, being born and raised in La Porte, IN. She is married and lives in Valparaiso, Indiana with her husband, Rick, and their 3 children – daughters Ryleigh and Reaghan, and son, Reeve. As a medical professional, she is driven to help and care for her patients by establishing strong connections with them and their families.

What Helps Improve Your Health


Health Professionals

Our health professionals at GN Endocrinology are dedicated to improving your life. Our competent team is led by Dr. Amer Kassar, and together, we’ll help you start your journey to a healthier life by offering you treatment options and solutions that lead to better health.

Take Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy diet. They provide you with the nutrients your body needs that you might not be getting otherwise. At GN Endocrinology, we’ll help you determine the vitamins you need to live a healthier life.

Healthier Diets

Having a healthier diet may not be as hard as you think. Most of the time, little changes to your diet can lead to even BIGGER health benefits. Eating right not only helps you stay at a healthy weight, but it also helps you look and feel better. Our team of health experts will provide you with dietary facts for a more balanced diet.

Exercise Often

We understand that nowadays, it can be pretty difficult to find the time to exercise. However, exercising more often and finding a daily fitness routine will provide you with countless benefits. Exercise is used to not only control your weight but also help improve your overall health and mood.